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Living systematic review on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the general populations’ mental health, alcohol/substance abuse and violence

The protocol

Setting up REDCap

All data including studies and users are stored in IPSM. The screening and data extraction will be done through croudsourcing and thus we decided on using the survey functionality of REDCap where each record is assigned to a reviewer indicated in the database.

Since we follow a three stage review process we had to multiply each instrument for screening and extraction three times. As the complexity increased the dictionnary functionality of REDCap was not sufficiently efficient and we moved on using the programming language Dhall to describe our schema which made changes through the protoptyping phase much faster. The dhall-REDCap api we build can be found here


screening demo link

data extraction demo link

Search strategy

We are using published studies from ISPM’s Living Evidence on COVID-19 systematic review.

Detailed description can be found here

Current list of papers to be extracted is in search strategy folder here .

Data Extraction

You can find data extraction instructions here

List of collaborators here